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1. WP werner pfleider cake oven.N/A
2. IWK automatic tube filling machine, speed 300 pcs per minute max, complete with boxing machine and date printer. good condition.
3. Haas 64 plate wafer plant . SOLD
4. Sollich slab former 800 mm
5. Winkler Dunnebier mogul line 25 tray min
6. Acouturier x178GT biscuit wrapper, set for round x 150mm pack length, age 1996
7. Ter Braak fondant cooking plant, age 1982, unused . SOLD
8. Nagema 3 roll refiner 800 mm
9. Bepex Hutt KT 1500 toffee/ chew cooling drum, 700mm wide , 1500mm diameter, 4500kg/hr, in very good condition. SOLD
10. 2 x Nagema EW5 cut and double twist wrap lines . SOLD
11. Nagema EW5 cut and fold wrapper.
12. K&Kurt type 175 vertical bag wrapping packaging
13. Turntable 180 degrees working width 1050 mm outer edge 250 mm
14. Rottary moulder machine working width 1000 mm
15.Jensen chocolate moulding plant for the production of chocolate praline eggs, size 25 x 15mm  
16. Nagema 2 roll refiner
17. Bindler moulding plant for creme centred chocolates, mould size 545 x 275mm SOLD
18. Wire cut baby biscuit extruder 800 mm working width
19. Nagema plastisizer machine double jacket SOLD
20. Double jacket copper mixer tank SOLD
21. K&Kurt special chocolate depositor 30 mm diameters 100 nozzles
22. K&Kurt bubble gum cooling tunnel 8 meters 7 levels SOLD
23. K&Kurt bubble gum extruder . SOLD
24. Rose Theegarten F1 packaging machine capacity 140 to 280 stick pack/ min .
25. Rose Theegarten H1 packaging machine capacity upto 1400 pack / min
26. Womex Barth dryer drum.
27. Nagema trocken conches typ CRT 3000 , 3 - 3.5 tons power 55/75 kW
28. Wiener attritor C 40 ball mill grinding 180 liter full capacity stainless steel sieve
29. Simon Vicars biscuit dough feeder unused . SOLD
30. Nagema chocolate moulding depozitor type 850 capacity 72 nozzles 16 strokes
31. Certuss type junior steam generator 500kg/h
32. Sollich soll temper turbo tempering type MSV4000A
33. Thouet copper mixing tank 120 liter
34. Mazetti chocolate shell moulding plant for cream filled chocolates with 5 depositing heads, 3cooling tunnels, temperer and 3 sets of moulds for flat, oval and ball shapes, mould size 275 x 205mm. Capacity 2,500kg per shift . SOLD
35. Cocoa Processing line; Output:350-400 tons/ month depending on quality of cocoa beans. Consist of; cleaning, roasting section, winnowing, nibs roasting section, grinding section, press section, storage section cake, storage section butter, storage section beans and parts.
36. Hamac Hansella vertical bag packaging type 125 SOLD
37. Tevopharm pack 500 electronic flow wrap for chocolate pieces, with RB/DT41/RT inline feeding system, photocell, automatic paper splicing, age 1995. SOLD
38. Sollich auto liner working width 800 mm
39. WLS extruder type KM 4 SOLD
40. Beetz type MK2 1500 mixer . SOLD
41. Wiener chocolate ball mill machine . SOLD
42. Sollich chocolate CHOCOPACK automatic take off device for chocolate and bars. SOLD
43. Buhler 3 roll refiner 1300 mm SOLD
44. Buhler 5 roll refiner 1100 mm
45. Sapal Asa aligner feeder for chocolates . SOLD
46. K&Kurt type 175 vertical bag wrapping packaging
47. Beetz Marzipan Kneader ( 100 kg useful capacity, copper counter - current kneading part, 1470 mm feeding height , 720 mm discharge height bottom trap 200*200mm flat slide valve mounted on 1 bizerba weigher, weighing range up to 150 kg graduation 100g having 2 component control, kneader mass delivery double screw, single- wallade, stainless steel, intermeshing screw of 180 mm Q*3 m long discharge height 2 m, screw driven by three phase a.c. geared motor 5.5 kW, 380 V, 50 Hz SOLD
48. Hekrona stacker 800mm for biscuit line SOLD
49. Nagema differential mill type 308 ( with 2 horizontal inclined grooved sols, grinding drum having 2 carbo disc grinding clearance hydraulically adjustable in height total power required 60 kW
50. SIG type HSU Flow Pack machines horizontal operative machine, output 80-160 packs/ min. For biscuit stacks, foil from reel max. 450 mm q core q 70 mm stick photocell, supply by chain transport 3500 mm long, distance between the guides 280 mm, presently 560 mm folding shoulder 84 mm wide 612 mm hing pairs of foil pulling, sealing and pressing rolls pair of cross sealing and cutting rolls passage height max. 50 mm ,cross jaw 155 mm long delivery belt 100 mm wide * 1050 mm long, driven over gear wheels running in oil bath 2- speed three phase a.c. motor 380 v delta, star, star, 1.5/2.2kw, 705/1405 rpm, 50 Hz space required: 3550*1100*1650 mm hing. SOLD
51. Rose Forgrove packaging machine with cross feeder 200 packs/min SOLD
52. Hesser type WCA 2 cellophaning machine for bundles with front fold sealing, output up to 120 packs/min, size range min: 60*60*20 mm max. 140*140*30 mm feeding belt with limit switch, 2 derolling devices for wrapping material photoelectric registration + tear tape, followed by heat sealing station for tear tape date printer, cross sealing bar, transport section with front fold station and front fold sealing SOLD
53. Rasch RHE foil wrapping machine for small chocolate eggs.(28 x 20mm) SOLD
54. Hutt nuts cutting machine 150 Kg/h
55 . Werner & Pfleider W.P. Bread feeder for roasting ovens, 2500 mm working width
56. Hebenstreit wafer cream spreading machine
57. Nagema type EW 5/ 1.2 wrappers ( output max. 800 psc/min, for double twist wrap ) SOLD
58. Nagema type EW 5/1.1 wrapper max. 750 pcs/min, fold wrap SOLD
59 . Sapal TD chocolate bar wrapper, outer wrapper from a reel. SOLD
60. Eurosicma feeder machine output up to 750 packs/min, in feed belt with photo electrically controlled SOLD
61. Hamac Hansella type uniplast 160 A forming machines output on first gear 370 kg/h, 2 nd gear 510 kg/h 3rd gear 740 kg/h, with regulable pair of sizing rolls, electrically heated 220 v, 150 w, cam forming equipment for diesets attached to the machine laterally, machine with 3- speed change – over gear over V –belt three phase ac motor 380 V, 1.5 kW, 1400 rpm, 50 Hz, space required: 100*750*1500 mm high) SOLD
62. Rovema type vp 260 L bag machine with stand –up bag installation photocell printer fed by fluid flow SOLD
63. 10 x Skerman stainless steel coating pans, 1500mm diameter x 1145mm, like new. SOLD
64. Nagema LB1 packaging machinery 80 packs min. SOLD
65. Turntable 90 ( up to 800mm working width, inner radius 375 mm outer radius 1925 mm SOLD
66. Turntable 180 ( working width 1050 mm, outer edge 250 mm ) SOLD
67. Ice pop line for the manufacture of fruit flavoured ice lollipops . N/A
68. Nagema TS 7 tempering machine
69. HUTT slitter & guillotine cutter type sz-2/sg, working width 1000 mm. Guillotine cutter size is fitted with two cutting heads mounted one above the other, taking alternate strands of product from the sg slitter. Maximum cutting height 25 mm adjustable cutting length 35 to 130 mm (currently set for 114 mm) belt speed variable 1 to 4.5 m/min. N/A
70. Peters sandwich cream machinery N/A
71. Bauermeister type UZU 11 sugar mills ( output 600-800 kg/h depending on fineness feeding funnel with inclined discharge chute + regulating valve, continuous magnet, air cooled grinding chamber fitted with strainer screen 0,6 mm perforation, grinding chamber 300 mm q incl. grate ring + turbo, bottom discharge with funnel 480*220 mm mounted on steel table 100*100*690 mm hing, discharge 275 mm above floor, drive over V –belt three phase ac. motor 380 V delta 10 kW 2875 rpm 50 Hz in feed at 1225 mm height speed in grinding Chamber 5100 rpm space required: 1000*1000*1225 mm hing N/A
72. Nagema batch roller N/A
73. 2 x Marden Edwards ME 12-30SF cellophane over wrappers. N/A
74. Cadbury caramel coating machine for wafer 600mm working with 13 ropes.
75. K&Kurt special chocolate depositor 100 nozzles 300 SOLD
76. Hekrona salted stick extruder working width 1300 mm, nozzle bar with 94 nozzles each 2 mm N/A
77. Nagema 1 roll refiner N/A
78. Winkler Dunnebier mogul line
79. Nagema 3 roll refiner 800 mm SOLD
80. K&Kurt special depositor 300 N/A
81. Nagema ball mill machine type 292C with capacity up to 1250 kg/hr. depend on granule size of chocolate mass
82. Nagema ball mill refiner type 192 A with capacity up to 600 kg/h. depend on granule size of chocolate mass SOLD
83. Simon Vicars hard biscuit former line
84. Simon Vicars high speed mixer 600kg Batch
85. Womex barth dryer drum with ceramic heater .
86. Nagema trocken conches type CRT 3000 , 3-3.5 ton nutzinhalt, 55/75 kW SOLD
87. Frisse conch type DRC 12 double round conch capacity max. 3000 kg, for dry conching, eight-shaped, jacketed still , for hot water bath, 2 conching arms with scrapers for the sides, motor 27/9 kW
88. Nagema 340 continuous chocolate mixer capacity 1500 kg/h
89. Wiener attritor C 40 ball mills grinding 180 liter full capacity stainless steel sieve SOLD
90. Jensen type on 1080 hollow moulding plant fully automatic operative line, output 5-10 moulds /min consisting of: mould transport with 76 mould holders 16“ with vibrating mechanism roll chain 1”*5/8 “ conveying belt to convey the upper halves of the moulds from the moulds are closed mould and thermometer steam radiator for 150 bar depositor with follow jacketed funnel + set of metering pistons for one two or three depositing in each mould depositor head with 6 pistons rotary valve + depositing rail further with hot water circulation pump 0,37 kW, with jacketed mixing for steam or hot water heating electric heating regulable by thermostat vibrating device over V belt three phase ac motor 220/380 V 2.2 kW 1435 rpm 50 Hz cooler with insulation with ventilator 3.7 kW for air circulation refrigerating capacity at 10° c: 20.000 kcal/h main drive over infinitely regulable piv – gearing three phase arc. motor 2.20kw 220/380 V 1435 rpm 50 Hz space required: 16800*1650* 3020 mm hing with plastic moulds
91. SimonVicars biscuit dough feeder.
92. Nagema tempering machines type LTS3 output 200-400 kg/h jacketed with stirrer scrapping the sides+ the base+, 2 stage tempering screw hot water circuit with cartridge heartier, water pump, switchboard
93. Baker Perkins 147 TCB1 Carablend continuous toffee cooker for 290kg/hr,1984 SOLD
94. Bindler model DKN 4243 depositor used over moulding plant for mould size 425*275*25 mm deep.
95. Theegarten S3 batch toffee cooker for 220kg batch size . SOLD
96. Morton pressure whisk. Model APW 100, 110 liters capacity air pressure whisk. Maximum working pressure 44 psi (3.1 kg/cm2). Container and beater manufactured in stainless steel . SOLD
97. Z Blend Mixer mild steel 250 kg capacity
98. Dragee packaging machinery with box feeder. SOLD
99. Nagema Spindle mill type 292 c suitable for super fine refining of preground cocoa paste to a fineness of not more than 0,075 mm for 1 % of the paste at a medium working throughput of 950 kgs/hr. Capacity 630 1250 kg/hr SOLD
100. 2 x Nagema ZK1 batch rollers with ZS2 rope sizers suitable for feeding a cut and wrap line,1990.
101. Russel 21 “ Vibratory sieve with flame-proof motor
102. BCH Cold Tables, 6'*3' complete with stands. Cast construction . N/A
103. Liquid Fat Holding Tank 2 ton capacity mild steel construction, fitted with a clamp on mixer, jacketed for low pressure approx. 10 psi working fitted with loose linds flat base with legs fitted dimensions 1600 mm dia* 2370 mm hig h N/A
104. Chocolate Holding Tank, approximately 2 ton capacity mild steel construction fitted with a gate type agitator jacketed for low pressure approx 10 psi working. internal dimensions 1730 mm dia* 2030 mm overall height without legs 2770 mm complete with loose lids. ( 3 available ) N/A
105. Hekrona steel belt oven 800 mm working width, 35 m baking length with 2 gas burners, 8 m delivery belt pressing section 5 m grid belt cooler
106. Bauermesiter 5 roll refiner 1200mm. N/A
107. Bauermeister Type Akz Roasting Pans N/A
108. Linden type Kii 800 mixing and kneading machines useful capacity 800 1iter, jacketed motor 15 kW hydraulic discharge
109. 2 x Rose forgrove HBR/HBF batch roller/rope sizer units to feed cut and wrap machines(reconditioned).
110. Nagema Type Super 80 Enrober working width 800 mm shaking device enrobing with 2 curtains bottomer detailing shaft N/A
111. Rasch type rusp universal praline wrappers output: 80 pcs/min consisting of praline singling machine type SV3l wrapper rusp front folding device on one side hot melt gluing station to form a bag for the praline bag handle from the reel + cut fixed to the bag by hot melt with point gluing device for decoation stick on labels N/A
112. Theegarten U1 cut and double twist wrapper for 1000/minute.
113. Womex enrobing machines working widths from 320-1220 mm with or without built-in temper. N/A
114. Rose forgrove 500RAF cut and double twist wrapper for a size of 32 x 12.5 x 12.5mm
115. Nagema Type 1450/2 horizontal cocoa butter presses 12 post output: 390-1250 kg/h with hydraulically operated metering device hydraulically controlled fail valves steam heating flor level balance. N/A
116. Buhler 3 roll refiner with mill output up to 350 kg/h consisting of type scs 3 impact+ shear mill 22 kW with feeding screw discharge in three roll refiner type scz 1000 , 3 hydraulically tightened cast-iron rolls 400 mm Q* 1000 mm working width followed by liquefier with screw SOLD
117. Hamac Hansella 155A twin pot vacuum cooker for 1,250kg/hr of hard candy.
118. Thouet type drc 3 dry circular friction conches useful capacity 3 ton jacketed conching with 3 mass revolving + friction arms individually driver aeration hood with mass pump type zp 63 /10 s
119. 2 x Hamac Hansella 126E Solvomat dissolvers for 1250kg/hr.
120. HOPPE spreading device to separate individual ropes.
121. Ter Braak TBK750 and 1300 twin pot vacuum cookers . N/A
122. Complete Candy Recycling plant. N/A
123. Hamac Hansella 160A Uniplast forming line for 750kg/hr with 19K batch roller, 65D rope sizer, 160A uniplast forming machine, 71E 3-tier cooling tunnel .
124. Hamac Hansella 96A Super Rostoplast forming line for 250kg/hr.
125. Carle Montenari CMY 800 double twist wrapper.
126. Aquarius RLM III forming machine for ball shaped lollipops, 300/minute, fully reconditioned. SOLD
127. 2 x Aquarius LPW1 double twist wrappers for ball shaped lollipopos, 300/minute,1989. SOLD
128. Latini Model C lollipop forming and crimp wrapping machine for a 30mm diameter flat lollipop, complete with new 3-tier cooling conveyor.
129. 2 x GD500B stickpack machines, size 21 x 12 x 7mm rectangle, 10 pieces per minute, with tear tape unit and Markem 997A date coder.
130. GD500U stickpack machine 26 x 20 x 10mm and 23 x 16.5 x 10mm, reconditioned.
131. Mopa AL 250/ C aligner belt feeder for chocolates,unused.
132. Hacos moulding line for filled chocolates. Mould size 275 x 205 x 35mm. 500kg hr (18 moulds per minute). Mould warmer. 4 depositors. Shakers, cooling tunnels, de-moulding station, built in 1994 and in excellent condition.
133. Sapal BI-b bunch / fold wrapping machines for small chocolates.
134. SIG CK chocolate bar wrapper, label from reel .
135. SIG CL chocolate bar wrapper.
136. SIG DSR chocolate bar wrapping machine .
137. 3 x Sapal BN-k bunch wrappers set up for 65mm round products .
138. Sapal ZRM bunch wrapper.
139. Otto Hansel HPN 6502 bunch wrapper with belt infeed .
140. Nagema EU5 double twist wrapper with MG1 aligner feeder .
141. Eurosicma B77C/BLS miniwrap machine for gum balls; for between 2 and 6 different coloured balls per pack. 16mm or 21mm diameter. rebuilt in 2000 and in excellent condition .
142. Othem H100 flow wrapper .
143. Nagema / Pactec EW5 cut and wrap lines .
144. Hamac Hansella / Bosch 160 uniplast lines .
145. Aquarius lollipop forming and wrapping machines .
146. SIG C chocolate bar wrapper, label from stack .
147. SIG CK-R chocolate bar wrapper .
148. Dumoulin coating drums .
149. Comeck / Togum gum balling lines .
150. Haas TM120 Wafer batter mixer .
152. Hansella 160C uniplast forming head .
153. Marden Edwards ME18-30FF over wrapper . N/A
154. Nielsen Baby chocolate enrober & tunnel.
155. Probat 120KGS roaster.
156. Aested ES-600HD choc ball former & cooling tunnel .
157. Aquarius RLM2 ball lollipop former & BU300 wrappers . N/A
158. Carle & Monetari CU-954 CFU bunch foil wrapper .
159. Dumoulin T-IDA 750 coating pan.
160. Complete chewing gum processing & packaging line . N/A
161. Bauermeister 5 roll refiner . N/A
162. Kreuter 800MMS wide chocolate enrobing line . N/A
163. Otto Hansel X8003 foil wrapper. N/A
164. Bauermeister 5 roll refiner 1000mm. N/A
165. Baker Perkins 1000mm. N/A
166. Buhler type SFG 1000 5 roll refiner. SOLD
167. Carle Montenari 5 roll refiner 1000mm. N/A
168. Lehman 5 roll refiner 1200 mm.
169. Nagema 5 roll refiner 1000 mm. SOLD
170. Marzipan kneader BEETZ with a single- walled copper tank and lateral copper arms.
171. Turntable SOLLICH type TT820/ 90/L N/A
172. Candywrapping machine NAGEMA type EU 3, for double-twist wrap.
173. Z mixer 250 Kg per batch capacity stainless steel.
174. Buhler 5 roll refiner SFG 1300 mm. working width.
175. Nagema 5 roll refiner 1250 mm. SOLD
176. SIG (Swiss Industrial Company) CK 90*90 tablet Packaging machine. N/A
177. Adolf illig R45 thermo-form machine.
178. Höffliger Karg thermo-form machine. N/A
179. Rose Forgrove 84M packaging machine (2Pieces) including automatic feeder system,LMF. N/A
180. Wafer cutting machine.
181. Compound Enrobing machine. N/A
182. Cr-Ni Couverture feeder tank (double jacketed).
183. Cream spreading and calibration (2Pieces).
184. Wafer oven (2Pieces).
185. Atlas Copco B.T.2 air compresor with piston.
186. Rotative machine head.
187. Biscuit baking oven (direct contact).
188. Biscuit baking oven (indirect contact).
189. Biscuit baking oven (thomas green).
190. Biscuit baking oven (indirect contact).
191. Horizontal Tevopharm pack V packaging machine.
192. Rovema D.P.M packaging machine.
193. Various cutting moulds (10 Pieces).
194. Various rotative moulds (8Pieces).
195. Planet mixer ATLI - AXK.
196. Planet mixer ATLI - AKK.
197. Artofex R.G/9 cream preparing machine.
198. Box wrapping packaging machine.
199. Pitsan EDA 16 aparey heater ITSAN (6Pieces).
200. Gamak heater with motor and fan AGM 714A.
201. Termko aparey heater.
202. Vertical packaging machine.
203. Dough divider machine.
204. Scales.
205. Various used bands.
206. Chocolate decorating machine.
207. Sandwich machine.
208. Peters sandwich machine.
209. Forklift manual.
210. Rulo wafer oven.
211. Rotative biscuit machine.
212. Combinator (2 Pieces).
213. Small liquid dosage tanks.
214. Vapour (steamer) boiler.
215. Hot water boiler.
216. Vapour (steamer) boiler.
217. Water soften equipment.
218. Condense stores and pumps.
219. Dough cutting machine head group.
220. Dough mixer (3 Pieces ).
221. Sugar mill.
222. Hot water boiler (2 Pieces).
223. Cooling tunnel vertical for wafer plate.
224. Wafer cooling tunnel.
225. Cutting machine for wafer cutting.
226. Packaging machine for wafer packaging.
227. Cream spreading and calibration for wafer.
228. Mixer EK 33.
229. Wafer dough mixer.