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Machines are offered in as is condition or renewed / reconditioned state.

Please contact sales department for further information and availability up to date:
All machines listed here are in our warehouse and can be seen up on request.

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1. WP werner pfleider cake OWEN 2500 mm working width 1 m enter 9 m cooling totally 40 m owen two burns.

2. IWK automatic tube filling machine, speed 300 pcs per minute max, complete with boxing machine completely line. good condition.

3. Sollich slab former working with 800 mm

4. K&Kurt type 175 vertical bag wrapping packaging

5. Nagema modification from type 403 conching for 1 ton batch

6. Rottary moulder machine working width 1000 mm

7. Baby biscuit extruder 800 mm working width
8. K&Kurt special chocolate depositor unit 30 mm diameters 100 nozzles

9. K&Kurt bubble gum cooling tunnel 8 meters 7 levels unused.

10. K&Kurt bubble gum extruder unused .

11. Rose Theegarten F1 packaging machine capacity 140 to 200 stick pack/ min pack size 24 X 95 X 10.5 mm.

12. Rose Theegarten H1 packaging machine capacity upto 1000-1400 pack size 19 X 24 X 10.5 mm / min

13. Caramel Depositor completely stainless steel (72 nozzle 275X425).
14. Nagema pethzolt conches typ CRT 3000 , 3 - 3.5 tons power 55/75 kW reconditioned very good condition.

15. Simon Vicars biscuit dough feeder unused for biscuit line.

16. Nagema SHELL PLANT chocolate moulding depozitor type 850 capacity 72 nozzles 16 strokes.

17. Certuss type junior steam generator 500kg/h

18. Sollich temper turbo tempering type MSV4000A SOLD

19. Cocoa Processing line; Output:350-400 tons/ month depending on quality of cocoa beans. Consist of; ball mill nagema 306 milling, cleaning, roasting section, winnowing, grinding section, press section, storage section cake, storage section butter, storage section beans and parts. SOLD
20. Sollich chocolate CHOCOPACK automatic take off device for chocolate and bars.

21. Buhler SFG 5 roll refiner 1100 mm

22. K&Kurt type 175 vertical bag wrapping packaging

23. Beetz Marzipan Kneader ( 100 kg useful capacity, copper counter - current kneading part, 1470 mm feeding height , 720 mm discharge height bottom trap 200*200mm flat slide valve

24. Hekrona stacker 800mm for biscuit line

25. Nagema differential mill type 306 ( with 2 horizontal inclined grooved sols, grinding drum having 2 carbo disc grinding clearance hydraulically adjustable in height total power required 60 kW

26. SIG type HSU Flow Pack machines horizontal operative machine.

27. Hutt nuts cutting machine 150 Kg/h

28 .Werner & Pfleider W.P. Bread feeder for roasting ovens, 2500 mm working width

29. Hebenstreit 40 plate natural cooling automatic wafer cream spreading cooling box, cutting machine

30. Rovema vertical bag packaging machine.

31. Turntable 90 ( up to 800mm working width, inner radius 375 mm outer radius 1925 mm

32. Turntable 180 ( working width 1050 mm, outer edge 250 mm )

33. Nagema TS 7 tempering machine

34. HOPPE slitter & guillotine cutter type sz-2/sg, working width 1000 mm. Guillotine cutter size is fitted with two cutting heads mounted one above the other, taking alternate strands of product from the sg slitter. Maximum cutting height 25 mm adjustable cutting length 35 to 130 mm (currently set for 114 mm) belt speed variable 1 to 4.5 m/min.

35. Nagema batch roller
36. Cadbury caramel coating machine for wafer 600mm working with 13 ropes.

37. K&Kurt special chocolate depositor 100 nozzles 300

38. Hekrona salted stick extruder working width 1300 mm, nozzle bar with 94 nozzles each 2 mm

39. Nagema 1 roll refiner

40. Winkler Dunnebier mogul line
41. Nagema ball mill machine type 192C with capacity up to 1250 kg/hr. depend on granule size of chocolate mass

42. Nagema ball mill refiner type 192C with capacity up to 1250 kg/h. Depend on granule size. with new loadcell and handling system. of chocolate mass

43. Simon Vicars hard biscuit former line

44. Simon Vicars high speed mixer 600kg Batch

45. Womex barth dryer drum with ceramic heater .
46. Nagema 340 continous chocolate mixer capacity 1500 Kg/h

47. Jensen type on 1080 hollow moulding plant fully automatic operative line, output 5-10 moulds /min consisting of: mould transport with 76 mould holders 16" with vibrating mechanism roll chain 1"*5/8 " conveying belt to convey the upper halves of the moulds from the moulds are closed mould and thermometer steam radiator for 150 bar depositor with follow jacketed funnel + set of metering pistons for one two or three depositing in each mould depositor head with 6 pistons rotary valve + depositing rail further with hot water circulation pump 0,37 kW, with jacketed mixing for steam or hot water heating electric heating regulable by thermostat vibrating device over V belt three phase ac motor 220/380 V 2.2 kW 1435 rpm 50 Hz cooler with insulation with ventilator 3.7 kW for air circulation refrigerating capacity at 10° c: 20.000 kcal/h main drive over infinitely regulable piv - gearing three phase arc. motor 2.20kw 220/380 V 1435 rpm 50 Hz space required: 16800*1650* 3020 mm hing with plastic moulds

48. SimonVicars biscuit dough feeder.

49. Nagema tempering machines type LTS3 output 200-400 kg/h jacketed with stirrer scrapping the sides+ the base+, 2 stage tempering screw hot water circuit with cartridge heartier, water pump, switchboard

50. Liquid Fat Holding Tank 2 ton capacity stainless steel construction, fitted with a clamp on mixer, jacketed for low pressure approx. 10 psi working fitted with loose linds flat base with legs fitted dimensions 1600 mm dia* 2370 mm high

51. Chocolate Holding Tank, approximately 2 ton capacity stainless steel construction fitted with a gate type agitator jacketed for low pressure approx 10 psi working. internal dimensions 1730 mm dia* 2030 mm overall height without legs 2770 mm complete with loose lids. ( 3 available )

52. Hecrona steel belt oven 800 mm working width, 35 m baking length with 2 burners. Very good condition. Inside rebuilt completely like new in Germany.

53. HOPPE spreading device to separate individual ropes.

54. Complete chewing gum processing line.

55. Kreuter 800MMS wide chocolate enrobing line .

56. Simonvicars completely biscuit rottary cutting line.

57. K&K Biscuit dough mixer 350 liter double Z kneider.

58.150 Kg batch conching machine .

59.KK820 18 meter cooling tunnel.

60.Nagema 403 conch of Gearbox unused.

61.Ball mill 600kg chocolate capacity very good condition.

62.Union excantric 63 ton Pres.

63. Nagema onetwist packaging machine 250 pcs/min for chocolate.

64. IWK karton box and feeder machine.

65. K&K Chocolate hopper and screw feeder for 5 roll refiner (Carlemontanari-Bühler-Nagema).

66. Kreuter chocolate pump for enrober. SOLD
67. 625 Carlemontanari Depozitor.

68. Bindler Depositor.

69. Kreuter enrobing 820mm width. SOLD
70.Sugar Mill.
71.Artofix Mixer variable speed with hydraulic up and down. 7pcs .

72.Sollich Cooling Drum new grinding very good condition 2 pieces. No frame

73.Mikrofilm Cooker A.P.V. Baker Perkins for continue soft candy. Some part missing.

74.Sugar and Salt Sprading machine.

75.Rose Theegarten F1 packaging machine and Rose Theegarten H1 packaging machine

76. Buhler SFG 5 roll refiner 1300 mm

77. Buhler SFL 5 roll refiner 1300 mm

78. Buhler SFL 5 roll refiner 1800 mm

79. Buhler SFG 5 roll refiner 1000 mm completely new rolls. Modificated with new hydraulic electronics and electric systems

80. Soft A.P.V Baker Perkins depositing soft candy and jely completely lines (starchless)