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KK5R200L 5 Roll Refiner
Capacity : app 50 Kg/h (20 microns) depending on recipe
Hydraulic system
Roll cooling
Control cabinet
Inspection doors on both sides of the machine
Stainless steel feeding trough (hopper)
Stainless steel discharge chute with window
All parts that contact with material is to be made of stainless steel, except the roll surface

Feeding section
Easily moved out for cleaning rolls
The 5 roll refiner has a soft start system.
The machine can start and stop again when the rolls are under pressure.

Processing section
Five rolls
Roll Diameter: 200 mm
working width: 200 mm
Double layered cast iron
The rolls are made of special centrifugally cast iron
Dynamic balance is 750 rpm
Rolls mounted in roller bearing with grease lubrication, central greasing.
Grease lubrication pipes are central localized for easy operation.
Special helical gear wheels in enclosed boxes with forced oil lubrication for transmission.

Cooling system
Water automatic heat sensitiv.e
Solenoid valves in the cooling water cycle to allow the automatic on and off.
In case of pressure drop or no water, the rolls are released from pressure and the system stops automatically.
The cooling water system controlled digitally by solenoid valve system.
Digital thermo controllers for the rolls controls the water very accurate.
Cooling water flows over the water lance in to the roll.
Water lance is equipped with thermometer and pressure gauge.
Thermo sensor PT100
Driving section
The helical gear wheels are in the left side of the frame.
It is driven with high performance V belts directly on the fifth roll, whereby the V belt pulley is installed in the machine.
The roll cooling is located on a block in the right hand side of the frame.
Gears are force lubricated with oil pump.

Electric control section
The control unit is in an external control cabinet.

Overall Specification
General Dimensions:
Measurements given in this offer are approximate. K&K reserves the right to change the measurements without notice. Please confirm the actual measurements after signing the purchasing contract (fig.2.39).

Measurements of Installation and Dismantling Area
A (width) 570 mm
B (length) 1040 mm
C (Height) 1650 mm

Refining capacity of KK5R200L LABORATORY 5 ROLL REFINER depends on the following factors:

- Thickness of powdered sugar and cacao
- Ingredients of the cacao liquor (fat content)
- Thickness of the desired refined product
- Temperatures of the rollers
- Previous processing (mixing etc.) of the product before fed into

Product Thickness:
A micrometer (m) gauge is used to measure the thickness of the refined product. The desired thickness can be set between 12 and 40 m. usually, the desired thickness is set to 18 4 (check capacity diagram fig.2.40).

Fig.2.40: Capacity Diagram
On this diagram the input product thickness value has been accepted as 100 micron.

Utility consumption
The cooling water system
The cooling surfaces of the instruments and the machine itself should be cooled by the clean and softened water. The standard cooling water should have a 2 bar pressure and maximum 8 French hardness. The pressure reducer which has been installed on the machine should be fixed to 2 Bar.

Water inlet : 50 mm
Water exit : 70 mm
Pressure : Min. 1,5 Bar/ Max. 8 Bar
Consumption : 300- 900 lt. (Min.12C - Max. 20C)
Water Hardness : 8 French Hardness

Electrical data:
Technical Information:

Environment temperature : 24 - 36 C
Main motor protection type : Ip 54
Power of the main motor : 11 (kW) (380 V, 50 Hz)
Refining capacity : (see capacity diagram)

Electronics Control:
Siemens PLC

Hydraulic system
The hydraulic pressure adjusted by giving the parameters to the PLC system. The hydraulic system is PLC driven.